Painless Dentistry

Over the years, many dentists have called our office to tell us that patients rave about how comfortable they were during our treatments. So often, we hear the patient say "how did you keep me so numb and comfortable? It seems like when I get a filling or a crown, I always have to endure pain".  Treating patients when they aren't comfortable is not only unpleasant for the patient, but it is also very difficult for the dentist. We can only do our best work for you if we know you are comfortable. 

To help improve the lives of our colleagues as well as their patients, Dr. Ahani developed a lecture called "The Magic Touch".  In this lecture, he teaches techniques which make giving local anesthesia ("the shot") extremely comfortable.  Also, he describes methods which allow the tooth to be completely numbed so that the patient has the best possible experience during their treatment. 

 In fact, dentists from all over the Bay Area choose our office when they themselves require root canal treatments!


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